To the Editor:

As far as turning the former John Pettibone School into a community center, I think it is not worth the expense and is unnecessary since the New Milford Public Library is the closest thing to it, with access to books, newspapers, magazines, computers, a children and teenage section as well as ongoing programs, lectures and movies.

In addition, the library is fully staffed, resulting in a safe, professionally supervised environment.

Supporting and expediting the expansion and modernization of the library would bring about additional programs, less cramped areas and provide greater resident enjoyment.

The John Pettibone School is a large purpose built structure that is not easily altered without considerable expense, plus the layout is not conducive to a modern community center.

It is better suited for the consolidation and relocation of municipal departments under one roof. I firmly believe that the school should be saved for town use and not sold.

To give a perspective on what a modern community center can be, on our visit to a medium-sized Canadian city a few years ago, the community center building consisted of a large, modern, multi-story structure with a glassed-in indoor, Olympic-sized swimming pool, a rock climbing wall, gymnasium, myriad craft rooms and full-sized library, all under one roof.

This type of facility reflects the current likes and interests of our modern generation.

Michael Cherney

New Milford