Shares concern of Long Mountain Road repairs

To the Editor:

As someone who regularly travels Long Mountain Road, I am concerned with the safety of the road as it is now. The road has large potholes throughout the entire length of the road that can cause damage to vehicles.

I learned from the Public Works update that we are only doing the design up to Hine Road with no money available for the actual road reconstruction.

This is unacceptable. What about the other half of the road that needs to be designed? When is that going to be scheduled? How much extra is this going to cost?

Having trucks and manpower come back to the road will only mean increased costs for the project as a whole.

We need to have the whole road repaired and done with the taxpayers in mind. Let’s do the job right the first time and fix all of Long Mountain Road all at once and not piecemeal as the current administration wants.

Scott Leddy

New Milford