To the Editor:

I would like to take a moment on behalf of the sewer commission to thank our exiting sewer supervisor, Robert Pudelka, for his arduous involvement during the past years with the community and environment.

Robert Pudelka has family that are lifelong residents of the New Milford community. He understands the impact of environment and preserving a pristine nature of our town.

The main purpose of the sewer commission is to manage our modern sewer plant.

The cost of the plant and bond issue by the town to pay for the plant exceed sewer revenue.

The plant’s upgrade was to provide future growth of New Milford with an efficient and modern program of the current and upcoming needs.

The project was to replace an outdated facility.

The new modern facility is at approximately 40 percent capacity.

The new plant is designed to handle the increase needs of additional growth for business and residential development.

The farseeing sewer commission is to determine the future sewer needs of the community in terms of a major asset.

The commission was prepared and took advantage of approximately an $8 million state grant that would pay approximately 36 percent of cost, development and construction of the new facility.

The projected cost of the plant was $37 million.

The sewer commission saved approximately 40 percent due to the smart action and the timing was perfect for this benefit.

The current bond issue that supported the non-funded portion is due. The town fathers and sewer commission must collectively determine the most cost-effective method to extend the debt owed for this project, over a period that would cover expansions and revenue to pay off the debt.

It is imperative that New Milford continues to maintain separate management and budget for the sewer commission and town to guarantee the most efficient financial management of the facility and future value of growth in the New Milford area.

The modern sewage plant is designed to protect our local environment and the healthy recreation needs of our population and the desirability of this community.

The people of New Milford voted for this new sewer plant, which is a major asset for the future of this town.

Gary Pfaff

New Milford