Seven Hearths highlighting art, more

The Kent Historical Society is presenting two new exhibits at the Seven Hearths Museum at 4 Studio Hill Road Saturdays and Sundays through Aug. 31.

The first exhibit, “Faces of the Past: Portraits by George Laurence Nelson,” which celebrates the 100th anniversary of artist Nelson’s purchase of Seven Hearths.

The exhibit showcases some of his work that is rarely displayed.

In his day, Nelson was considered one of the top ten lithographers in the country, but he made his money painting portraits.

The second exhibit showcases the restoration work that has been done in The Fur Trading Post on the second floor since the museum was last open in the summer of 2017.

A missing original wall between two parts of the post has been re-created with hand-made lath and all the walls have been plastered.

Period items have been acquired, beginning the effort to fully furnish and bring to life both the Daniel Beebe office and the adjacent pelt room.

This is a rare opportunity to see how an 18th/early 19th century New England commercial operation might have functioned.

Interested individuals should email