To the Editor:

During the May 15 budget referendum vote the citizens of New Milford passed the town’s budget yet rejected the Board of Education’s budget.

To me, the message from the voters was we’re OK with the town side, but not so much with the BOE.

Unfortunately, the Town Council must have heard something else since at their May 21 meeting, they decided to reduce the town’s budget and keep the BOE’s the same. They chose to cut funding for the Youth Agency, volunteer fire company and the VNA from what voters approved the week before.

While I completely understand our state and town are in extremely difficult financial times and I’m all for making tough decisions, it seems to me the Town Council has not listened to the voters of New Milford.

I hope we can send another message on June 5 by saying “no” to this budget.

Chris Cosgrove

New Milford