Judea Garden in Washington will host a hands-on seed-starting workshop April 5 at 11 a.m.

The program will be held at town hall.

Howie Bronson, of Maple Bank Farm in Roxbury, will instruct participants on seed-starting techniques, and discuss how, what, when and where to plant vegetable seeds and seedlings in the garden.

Participants will start seedlings for Judea Garden, which will be cared for at Maple Bank Farm, and start some seeds for their own gardens.

Howie and Cathy Bronson assumed operation of the family-owned Maple Bank Farm in 1980. They have been growing notable vegetables and fruits since.

Their roadside stand on Route 317 carries seasonal vegetables and fruits, flowers, wool from their sheep, food products and more.

The stand will open at the end of April with delicious vegetables and flowering plants.

A $5 donation is suggested.

For more information about Judea Garden, visit www.judeagarden.org or contact Denise Arturi at 860 868-2880 or info@judeagarden.org.