Witnesses to the June 22 accident along Route 202 that killed a motorcyclist told police the driver of the Honda Accord that hit him "looked stunned and confused" immediately following the crash, police said.

The Honda driver, Sharon Seebald, 59, of Wallingford, is facing a charge of negligent homicide with a motor vehicle in the crash that took the life of John J. Pendergast IV, 21, of New Fairfield.

She was arrested Sept. 19 and arraigned Sept. 30. She is free on $5,000 court-set bond with a next court date of Nov. 6 at Superior Court in Bantam.

Seebald told police at the scene of the crash that she was looking for a place to turn around on Route 202, had turned her left turn blinker on, waited for oncoming southbound traffic to pass and then turned, according to the arrest warrant affidavit.

"I started to make a left turn when a motorcycle hit me, front of my vehicle," Seebald told police. "I did not see the motorcycle while turning in the parking lot. It's possible there was a car in front of him. He may have been very close to the car."

Witnesses to the accident told police Seebald seemed distracted while driving ahead of them, often slowing down and picking up speed again.

However, witness James Ward told police "she stayed in her lane, wasn't swerving or anything, and was driving a little on the slow side. I didn't see her using a cellphone," court documents state.

A blood test taken by police after the crash showed no traces of alcohol in Seebald's system, police said.

Andrew McKelvey, a witness to the crash, told police, "As she started turning I was yelling `no.' The motorcyclist rose up and was holding onto the handlebars. He was ejected from the motorcycle and went into the windshield."

McKelvey said he immediately got out of his truck and began running toward the Honda; "I was yelling `stop' and remember other people yelling `stop.' She was still turning left and her left front tire went over his (Pendergast) head as he was lying on the ground," according to court documents.

Pendergast's body was dragged, caught partially under the Honda, witnesses said.

Several witnesses lifted the Honda and slid Pendergast out when McKelvey "noticed his (Pendergast's right) leg was missing."

Crash witnesses Megan McKelvey, Justin Nardone and Lauren Passero told police Seebald "seemed very vacant;" "looked really stunned and confused," and "seemed to be in shock," immediately following the crash, according to court records.

Pendergast, who was transported to Danbury Hospital, died hours after arrival from "intra-cranial hemorrhage/edema due to trauma," the hospital assessment report states.

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