Coming in the Sunday News-Times

The city of Danbury is 325 years old this year, and quite a life it has led.

The News-Times staff has been digging into Danbury history, and on Sunday, Sept. 5, we will report how an 18th-century swamp turned into the hat-making capital of the world, a magnet for diversity and an attractive corporate municipality.

The story about Danbury's 325th birthday will also feature a fascinating timeline of the city's history, a local history quiz for readers, plenty of old photos, and a preview of the following weekend's 325th birthday festivities, which will include the News-Times Community Parade, the debut of the city's first street museum and the Taste of Greater Danbury. There will also be a memorial service at Elmwood Park to honor the families and victims of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, one of the saddest chapters in the city's history.

Be sure to check out this exclusive report on Danbury's 325th birthday, only in the Sunday, Sept. 5, edition of The News-Times.