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Over Memorial Day weekend, the body of 17-year-old Danielle Jacobsen was found in a pond in Monroe. The Newtown High School senior was just a few weeks away from graduation -- and the rest of her life.

According to Monroe police, the Newtown teen is believed to have ingested the hallucinogen DMT that weekend at a party at a nearby condominium.

Her death has added to the concern of local school and police officials who worry about drug use by young people. Among their concerns are reports that some Greater Danbury teens are taking part in pharm parties -- short for pharmaceutical parties -- at which partiers empty bottles of prescription drugs into a bowl and grab a handful of pills like jelly beans.

How common are pharm parties in our communities? Is the death of Danielle Jacobsen a tragic, solitary event -- or a warning sign?

The News-Times is investigating the area social scene in a quest to answer those questions and more. Be sure to read the staff's findings in an exclusive report in the Sunday, Aug. 15 News-Times.