Coming in the Sunday News-Times

For nearly 50 years, commuters, visitors and errand-runners alike have benefited from the existence of Interstate 84 in Greater Danbury.

The region's signature highway weaves through western Connecticut for 16 exits. But these local exits aren't just numbers. They're also neighborhoods.

On Sunday, Aug. 1, The News-Times will publish the first installment in a series called "Life Along the Exits." This initial installment will look into the history of I-84 and life along exits 1, 2 and 3 in Danbury.

Future stories will focus on exits 4 through 16 and the neighborhoods there. Those stories will also help answer some pressing questions: What does the future hold for I-84 in Greater Danbury? What improvements are in the works?

To see what's coming down the pike, check out "Life Along the Exits" exclusively in The News-Times, starting Sunday, Aug. 1.