The sound of music in Greater Danbury.

The summer schedule is heating up at Ives Concert Park in Danbury following the appearances of Counting Crows and Fiona Apple, and there are a host of other musical venues and events that are well worth putting on the social calendar. So where are the hot spots, and who's playing there?

On some nights, Bethel activist and rocker Billy Michael is a local headliner. If classical music is your thing, maybe the Danbury Symphony Orchestra and the Ridgefield Symphony Orchestra would be the best choices. For jazz aficionados, a pizzeria in Bethel is a local hotbed for great vibes, literally and figuratively.

What do these local musicians do for day jobs, and what keeps them playing? Do they still have dreams of making it big, or is this just a way to have fun and earn a little spending money?

To find out the answers to these questions and gain an insight into the local music scene, be sure to check out our stories Sunday, July 8, exclusively in the print edition of The News-Times.