Not too long ago, from 1996 to 2007, there were 12 drownings in 12 years in Greater Danbury, with many of the tragedies occurring at Squantz Pond in New Fairfield.

Safety measures have helped reduce the number of drownings in recent years, but with Memorial Day and the start of the swimming season coming up, it is well worth taking another close look at this grim issue.

What can state and local officials do to help avoid another tragedy?

Where can local families turn for swimming lessons?

How well-trained are the instructors, and what is the criteria for certification?

How expensive are swimming lessons, and are they cost-prohibitive for many residents?

To learn more about trying to avoid another swimming tragedy in Greater Danbury this summer, be sure to read "An ounce of prevention," exclusively in the print edition of the Sunday, May 27, News-Times.