There is no disputing 2011 was a memorable year in the Greater Danbury area, courtesy of historic weather patterns, lengthy power outages, major crime arrests and convictions, and countless other happy and tragic stories.

But there is certainly no consensus over how to rank those stories in order of importance.

Nonetheless, The News-Times will take a shot at doing just that when we present our Top 10 Stories of 2011 as part of the annual Year in Review edition on New Year's Day.

That issue will also offer a close look at the tragic, grisly and historic crime stories that played themselves out over the course of the year, as well as the Best Quotes, a page featuring our photographers' favorite photos, and a look back at the year in sports.

The paper will be a keeper, so don't miss it, exclusively in the print edition of the Sunday, Jan. 1, News-Times.