It's become a familiar refrain in many communities in the Greater Danbury area and elsewhere during budget season: School officials contend they can't make the budget work unless they implement pay-to-play fees for after-school sports and other activities.

But is pay-to-play really fair?

What about the families who can't afford to pay $100, $200 or more to have their student-athletes take part in these activities?

What happens to the kids who are denied the chance to participate?

Isn't a public school education about equal access?

And just how much money is raised from pay-to-play fees?

The News-Times examines Greater Danbury communities and talks to students, parents, coaches, athletic directors, teachers and school officials about pay-to-play. To hear what they have to say, be sure to read our coverage Sunday, May 15, exclusively in the print edition of The News-Times.