After the harshest winter in recent memory, it's easy to yearn for spring.

But be careful what you wish for.

With unprecedented amounts of snow in such a short period of time, Greater Danbury could be hit with "catastrophic" road conditions in the coming weeks and months, Mayor Mark Boughton predicts.

Depending on the pace of the thaw, and how much rain falls in the spring, there could be serious river, stream, street and basement flooding.

Instead of runs on roof rakes, look for sump pumps to be the hot commodity this spring.

From a recreational standpoint, conditions could wreak havoc on local golf courses and ball fields. We'll talk to the experts and find out.

Winter might be almost over on the calendar, but it's pretty certain to leave behind a soaking-wet calling card.

Be sure to read our spring thaw coverage Feb. 27, exclusively in the print edition of The News-Times.