NEW MILFORD — Police have charged a second man in connection with an Oct. 1 home invasion. But another man, who police say has a stolen gun, is still wanted in connection to the crime.

Eric Clifford Simms, 43, was arrested last week and charged with five felony counts including home invasion, accessory to first-degree assault and attempting to steal a gun.

His charges stem from a home invasion on Canterbury Court. Simms, who had a key to a condominium, let several cocaine-dealing New Milford residents in, police said. The group then confronted the condo owner, who police said hadn’t paid off a drug debt in full.

Police claim Christopher Valedon, or “Bully,” slashed the condo owner in the face with a razor and slashed another man’s back. Valedon was arrested on Oct. 6 and is charged with five felonies, including first-degree kidnapping and first-degree assault.

Valedon, 23, is still in custody, held in lieu of a $250,000 bond. His next court date is Nov. 8.

Valedon’s friend, Tyler Brown, is still wanted by police. Police claim that Brown, also 23, stole a black pistol from the condo that night, and he is wanted on similar charges. He shot the pistol twice Oct. 1, after a home-invasion victim tried to run away, court documents said.

Simms is being held in lieu of a $200,000 bond. He’ll next be in court Nov. 15.; 203-731-3411; @bglytton