Scribners celebrate 60 years of marriage

Fred and Patty Scribner of New Milford will celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary July 22.

The couple, who met on a summer day in 1959 and began raising a family in 1963, resides in the Merryall section of town.

Homemade banana bread is part of what drew the couple together.

One summer afternoon in 1959, Pat placed a loaf of homemade banana bread on the window still of her home to cool.

Shortly after, while outside in the yard, she was greeted by a landscaper, Fred, from the neighbor’s summer property who asked if he could hook up to their water as the neighbor’s water was shut off and he needed to water newly planted pachysandra.

Pat’s mother agreed, yelling out the window, and later in the day, Pat gave Fred a slice of the homemade bread.

The following day, Pat visited Fred who was working in the pachysandra bed. From then on, their friendship quickly took hold; that is after of course, they got the approval of Pat’s parents.

The couple dated for more than a year and a half before Fred proposed while dining at The Three Pines Restaurant in Vista, Lewisboro, N.Y.

They danced throughout the night and then, as planned, after dancing to “The Twelfth of Never” by Johnny Mathis, Fred proposed.

Fred, a Marine Corps veteran having served in the Korean War war, worked primarily at R.T. Vanderbuilt Chemical & Mineral Co. in Norwalk.

Later in life he worked in security at Norwalk Hospital and then retired from Wilton High School as a campus supervisor at the age of 76.

Patty was primarily a homemaker but had varied jobs juggling between the schedules for her husband and children, and use of just one vehicle.

The couple had seven children until 1972, when one child died of complications at birth. Ten years later, they went on to further expand their family and had twins.

Most of their children live in New England; one lives in Florida.

The couple has five grandchildren.