To the Editor:

The governor’s budget is crippling the state for sure.

The future of Connecticut lies in the balance with major businesses between leaving and bankruptcy.

Does Gov. Dannel Malloy not realize people of this state and big business cannot continue to pay from funds they no longer have or that big business will now be losing money and be forced to leave this state to maintain its stature and to thrive?

I shall work tirelessly now to promote and encourage big business to leave this state and find another state that would welcome them because of this budget and higher taxes.

Gov. Malloy is low in my estimation for not taking care of the veterans and military honors in this state.

Many of the 270,000 veterans of this state have little use for the governor and hope he stays away from events that pertain to the veterans.

Your budget is stupefying.

State Sen. Clark Chapin, state Rep. Cecilia Buck-Taylor and state Rep. Richard Smith have class, honor and the ability to maintain dignity and respect for all the people they represent.

It would be in the governor’s best interest to take lessons from all three of them on how to treat the constituents who put him in office.

Jeffrey McBreairty

New Milford