Prefects for the 2015-16 academic school year have been selected at South Kent School.

Head of School Andrew Vadnais opened a May 19 ceremony by explaining what was about to transpire. “This is a peaceful transition of leadership,” he said.

Current prefects then walked into the crowd and tapped each new prefect on the shoulder.

Zachary Schullery, of South Kent, was selected to be head prefect. In the prefect town hall, he touched on what he loves about the school. “It doesn’t matter how long you’re here,” he said. “From day one until the day you leave, you will be a changed person.”

Schullery also noted his respect for past prefects, who gave their best and put others first, he said, and how he hopes to do the same. “I can promise you that I will give it my all. ... I want to make sure everyone has had the experience I have had here,” he said.

Schullery was chosen along with students from Hatfield, Mass., Colchester, Vt., and Shenzen, China, respectively.

The selection process for the 2015-16 South Kent School prefects began May 11 with candidates declaring their intentions by stepping up to the prefect table and knocking twice.

Subsequently, an all-school prefect town hall was conducted May 13 and broadcast by the school’s advanced media group.

Each candidate presented himself and demonstrated his qualifications for the position of prefect.