A Schaghticoke Middle School eighth-grader who posted a Facebook threat against the school's assistant principal has been expelled for 180 days.

That outcome is part of an agreement reached Nov. 11 between the student's family and the New Milford Board of Education.

A four-member school board disciplinary committee voted that day after a 30-minute, closed-door session to accept a stipulated agreement about disciplinary consequences that determined the eighth-grader would be expelled.

School officials declined to make any comment beyond the required minutes posted on the board's website.

The boy's parents, however, said they made it clear to school authorities they did not wish for their son to return to the school because they felt it was a "hostile, abusive'' situation.

The stipulated agreement requires the school system provide one-on-one tutoring for their son through mid-June, after which he can enroll in the high school as a freshman.

The boy's mother previously stated she complained about the assistant principal's treatment of her son prior to the Facebook threat.

She admitted her son's actions were inappropriate and deserved some discipline, but she felt what he wrote to his friend -- he used the word "kill'' -- was more out of frustration than any intent to do harm.

The female student who was also implicated in this incident -- she responded to the boy's comments with a suggestion to "bomb'' the school -- was scheduled for a hearing on Monday but her case was postponed.

The boy's mother said her family is still pursuing legal action related to their son's treatment in school.

The name of the boy and parent have been withheld to protect his privacy, as he is a minor.

The boy had previously been arrested and charged with threatening and breach of peace and was given a 10-day suspension.

The misdemeanor charges against him were referred to a local juvenile panel in lieu of the case being forwarded to the Danbury Juvenile Court.