The prospective project to re-roof Schaghticoke Middle School in New Milford is gaining momentum.

Bonding the project has been approved by the Town Council.

Discussion during the council’s recent meeting included potential costs of both options: with or without PCB removal.

The council willl resume its talks in September.

School district business manager Jay Hubelbank presented bid information to council members.

Three bids were received April 7, along with two alternate bids for the skylights and the mansard painting. Quality Improvements was the low bidder, with a total cost of $2,476,891, including removal of asbestos.

A bid was also received from Quality Improvements for the work based onanticipated specifications to meet state requirements, if the project were to go out for state reimbursement. This would include addressing PCB elimination in areas affected by the project.

The bid would come to $4,206,621, including $600,000 for asbestos and PCB removal.

Hubelbank said he used a 36 percent reimbursement rate, estimating a total state reimbursement of $1,405,551, leaving the town’s cost at $2,498,756 — a difference of $327,199 from the non-state reimbursement bid.

Steve Botelho, of the Garland Co., which would oversee the project, said the company found the 1973 roof needs to be completely replaced and abated down to the deck, and completely re-roofed. The 1990 part of the roof would be removed down to two layers of insulation. The asbestos would be removed and the drains reworked, Botelho said.

Garland and Quality Improvements will hold the bid price for work to be done during the 2015-16 budget year, Botelho said.

The roof warranty will be for 30 years, edge to edge. The old warranty expired in 2010.

Maintenance would include inspections and needed repairs. The asbestos and any PCBs would be removed from the 1973 portion of the roof.

During discussion about PCBs in the window caulking, the hygienist hired by the school district said caulking ages over time, but, if undisturbed, new caulking could be laid down over it with no adverse effects.

The removal work would be done when children were not in the building, in shifts for the 1990 portion of the roof. Removal activities would occur after school hours.; 203-731-3352