Says we don't need gun control to control violence

To the Editor:

Reducing violence of any kind is a laudable goal which should be embraced by all within the framework of the Constitution, in order to ensure we do not trade freedom for security.

But let the debate be framed more honestly than it was in The Spectrum editorial "Make a promise to reduce violence," which contained this whopper: "The United States of America... has far and away the most gun deaths of any nation in the Western world."

Not so. Not even close.

According to the United Nations, the U.S. actually ranks 28th for the per capita firearm murder rate, well behind other western nations such as Honduras, El Salvador, Jamaica, the Bahamas, and Trinidad and Tobago.

In fact, to find a western country with a per capita firearm murder rate which exceeds ours, one need look no further than over our southern border.

Mexico has a higher murder rate by firearm than we do, and guess what? They also have a ban on handguns, which means Mexican citizens are prohibited by law from protecting themselves against criminals.

Those who advocate "gun control" in this country ought to look long and hard at the crime rate in Mexico. Are Mexico's benighted citizens well served by their country's handgun ban?

We don't need "gun control" in this country to reduce violence.

We need "nut" control.

Daniel S. Mathews