Says we are 'fortunate to have Gronbachs as our neighbors'

To the Editor:

Since moving to New Milford in 1999, one of the things I’ve grown to love about our town is the commitment to community service that’s so prevalent.

And nobody exemplifies this better than David and Vanessa Gronbach.

When the Bank Street Book Nook was slated to close, they stepped up and bought the store; not exactly a shrewd business move in the age of Amazon, but thanks to them, all of us can still enjoy the luxury of browsing in a local, independent bookstore.

And thanks to David’s willingness to step away from his law practice and serve as mayor, we’ve seen two years of efficient local governance, and great strides made forward in long-delayed plans to revitalize our riverfront, and foster a rich quality-of-life that attracts visitors and residents alike to this beautiful place.

Regardless of politics, I hope we can all agree that we are truly fortunate to have the Gronbachs as our neighbors.

Tom O’Brien

New Milford