To the Editor:

Let's get right down to it.

I'm voting for Andy Grossman for state representative from New Milford.

Here's why:

1) For a long time now, Andy has been a tireless campaigner, going door-to-door to gather support. He has been extremely energetic, and I expect he will be the same once he is elected to the state House.

2) It's time for a person with new ideas to step up to the plate. This goes for New Milford as well as the rest of Connecticut. We need change in this state -- and Andy will bring it.

3) There's no shame in saying Andy is a very good politician also. As a member of New Milford's Economic Development Commission, he knows there are times when you must compromise in order to achieve desired goals.

Andy has worked hard to strive for New Milford's moving forward and being a superb town to settle down, raise a family and operate a business.

4) A vote for Andy is a vote for the future -- for ourselves and our children.

Come Election Day, be sure to vote, and cast your vote for Andy Grossman.

Stephen P. Herman, M.D.

New Milford