To the Editor:

I've known Cecilia Buck-Taylor for almost 20 years in New Milford.

During that time, she's volunteered her time and donated her money to help a lot of people in town. Somehow, she managed to do that, even when she herself was going through difficult times, as when she helped her father when he was dying and her mom when she had a broken hip. She herself had to deal with two major surgeries when living in New Milford, from which she has successfully recovered.

Cecilia raised her daughter in New Milford as a single parent. I know how difficult that is, having had to do the same when I was working my way through my own divorce.

Cecilia represented me during my divorce and has remained a close friend ever since.

I know the people in New Milford appreciate all of the hard work and effort Cecilia has given to the town. I know they trust her because, in the most recent election, she got the most votes in any contested race.

I've been with Cecilia as she's been going door-to-door in this campaign. I was delighted to see the positive reaction all of the people had when she was greeted by them at their home.

I know she will use the same hard work ethic, tenacity and tirelessness to make sure New Milford gets everything it can from Hartford to keep it the wonderful town it is.

I can think of no better person to send to Hartford to represent me and my children. I hope everyone in New Milford will make that happen.

Lisa Carideo

New Milford