To the Editor:

A new fossil fuel plant has been approved by the Connecticut Siting Council to be built in Killingly.

As a resident of New Milford and the state of Connecticut, I am concerned that another plant is in conflict with the Global Warming Solutions Act passed by the state legislature intended to reduce greenhouse gases by 80 percent by the year 2050.

I believe another power plant is also in conflict with our renewable energy goals and there is a lack of need. Here’s why.

Our recent heat wave demonstrates that climate change is at Connecticut’s doorstep. Therefore, I find the approval of this plant as troubling.

Other states, including New York — despite Cricket Valley already under construction — have now set a course for 100 percent carbon free energy.

In fact, Rhode Island recently rejected a new fossil fuel plant much like the one Connecticut is planning to build because “the region is not experiencing a shortage of supply. Moreover... other energy sources, including offshore wind, will help satisfy New England’s future needs” at about the same time as the Killingly gas-powered plant will be built,” according to the Providence Journal June 20.

As residents, we have an opportunity to take action.

I ask Connecticut residents to contact Commissioner Katie Dykes of the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection at 860-827-2805,, and @CTDEEPNews, and Governor Ned Lamont at 860-524-7397, 800-406-1527 or @GovNedLamont to tell them to stop building new fossil fuel plants, starting with Killingly.

Ask them to ensure that they take meaningful action to meet the requirements of the Global Warming Solutions Act and Connecticut’s clean energy goals in which the Governor’s Council on Climate Change (GC3) has called for 84 percent zero-carbon electricity by 2050.

Helen Applebaum

New Milford