Says 'many trust' Buckbee will 'get the job done'

To the Editor:

I am a junior from New Milford High School writing to share my support of State Representative Bill Buckbee.

Bill Buckbee loves his town, state and country. He honors the first responders who protect us and those who have served our country as well.

In addition to this, Rep. Buckbee seeks to listen to the issues of all people under different circumstances. This goes from utilities, to the school environment itself.

Due to this, Representative Buckbee takes his position very seriously, earning a 100 percent voting record in the session of 2019. This means that in that session he never missed a vote. He has pride in his town and is often making observations and having conversations about what is concerning the people.

He is involved in the community and understands what the people of New Milford and Connecticut need. Bill Buckbee observed the large power outage in early August and response from utility teams. He stated on social media, “Finally, the issue of Eversource and their rising fees with a lack of production during the storm. I have been very clear that we demand more and better from our utilities. I spoke directly with the CEO and with the commissioner of PURA to demand action…”

This followed the very slow recovery from power outages. Many were left without power for days on end.

On top of this, his involvement in the community means he knows things that more specific groups of citizens need. For example, he has seen and has spoken with people like me, having and or knowing people with deadly allergies. Due to this, he led a charge to put in legislation to make buses required to have epi pens on board.

In addition, he understands what young high schoolers in general need as well. He stated about contact football, “...the second issue was the decision by the DPH to cancel football at the high school level. While other sports are being allowed, football was singled out and canceled. This is unhealthy and just plain unfair to our student athletes.”

This is such an important issue as football is the most important sport in American high school culture. Look at a normal year’s schedule and you will see dances and events focused around not soccer, not basketball, but football.

State Representative Bill Buckbee has shown in his first terms that he cares about the people of his town, state and country. Buckbee is part of the community, and knows what concerns the citizens.

For these reasons, I fully support Mr. Buckbee’s re-election for another term in the Connecticut State House of Representatives, representing the 67th District.

I and many others trust he will continue to get what the people need on the table, and get the job done. You can bet if I were of the age to vote this November third, I would cast it for State Representative Bill Buckbee.

Nicholas Peburn

New Milford