To the editor:

My mother always taught me as I grew up to never cry over anything that cannot cry over me, and that things are just things; it's people who are important and have value.

These life lessons come to my mind often these days as I reflect on the Region 12 debates of what to do with our region.

I have read and re-read all the financial information more times then I can count. Since I believe a new school will ultimately cost our towns less then what we are doing now and because it goes without saying, if you have ever taught anything to anyone, you know that collaboration and diversity foster a better learning environment.

So what's left? We need to look at the emotional portion of the question.

I do understand some have emotional attachments to their old schools, but I can assure even those people the amazing children who currently attend these schools, along with their yearning spirits to learn, the passion of our Region 12 teachers, and outstanding accomplishments they have attained to date will not be left behind in those old buildings.

All of those amazing qualities will remain within each individual. These will come along to our new facility and with the light that they will all bring I hope our region will become the beacon for all small struggling school systems to follow.

Let's lead and show them that brick and mortar does not make or define our towns. Our community spirit and the pride in our children, adults and senior citizens are what make us who we are.

If we want to attract families to our towns and new school alike, let's act more like a welcoming neighborhood that encompasses all our towns and wraps our children in that positivity.

Let's practice being less divisive and focus on what we can do together to create this beacon of light.

How to unite and shine should be our one and only focus, as divide and conquer will not get us anywhere.

Carrie DeMilio