To the Editor:

Brian Ohler deserves re-election as our state representative in the 64th District.

I first met Brian in 2000 when I was a Connecticut State Police Sergeant assigned at Troop “B” in Canaan.

He was an Explorer at Troop “B” and all the feedback I received and my personal observations were that he was dedicated to his duties.

The Explorers is for young people from ages 14-21 to gain experience working in the police field.

As an Explorer, he was very mature and responsible for his age. I was not surprised at all when I heard he enlisted in the Connecticut National Guard in 2001 and served for 12 years.

He volunteered for three, one-year tours in the Middle East because “that’s Brian.”

He has served his hometown as an EMT, firefighter, board of finance member, and even a local business owner.

Brian has come full circle, serving his town, country, and now his State of Connecticut as our state representative.

Brian is a fiscal conservative, and he cares very deeply about helping all of us, especially the needy children, middle class families, veterans and last but not least our senior citizens.

Since Brian is a lifelong resident of the Northwest Hills, he cares about our environment and living conditions.

He has demonstrated these beliefs by the committees he’s on at the Capitol and way he votes on legislation.

Brian’s assistance during the ice jam disaster in Kent last winter was above and beyond the call of duty.

His experience in EMS and military, and knowledge of Connecticut’s resources was truly a blessing.

When Brian ran in 2016, his campaign concentrated on what he wanted to do for Connecticut and the 64th District, and not what was going on in the 2016 presidential politics.

When you hear candidates talking more about what’s going on in national politics and not what they would do here in Connecticut, beware.

They don't have much to offer, and they are trying to distract you.

We need Brian Ohler who has his “eye on the ball” regarding fixing Connecticut’s problems and making it a better place to live, work and enjoy.

Scott R. Harvey