Says Region 12 residents support each other

To the Editor:

I was very disappointed to read your Gut Feeling, "Region 12's future hangs in the balance," in the Feb 28 Spectrum.

Some of the remarks you made concerning the consolidation of the Region 12 elementary toward Washington residents was unfair.

I am a resident of Washington as well as a parent of a child who attends Washington Primary.

Almost on a daily basis, I have conversations about the consolidation process, not only with Washington parents and residents, but with Roxbury and Bridgewater parents and residents as well.

My child is in REACH at WPS. You may or may not know this program is made up of children from all three towns.

To my knowledge, no one is pitted against each other on the consolidation.

Yes, we all have opinions. We all know there are pros as well as cons to the idea.

We feel for each other because not only of the unknown of not having an elementary school in certain towns and the growing costs to the region but is it right to have all the region's children on the same campus, of not being able to make the decisions we feel are best for our kids due to the fact there is only one classroom per grade, the class sizes, what kind of curriculum will the upper grades have in the future with such low numbers, and all the other unanswered questions we are faced with.

No one has all the answers and we are supporting each other the best we can.

This is a very scary time in Region 12. There are a lot of agendas and no one wants to share what they are.

As individuals, we need to do what we feel is best for our own situations and respect others for doing the same.

Consolidation was brought to the table in 2007. In March of that year, the Board of Education proposed a building lot for the school that was not in Washington but Roxbury.

We did not have children at the time but I can recall our conversations, if we had children, we would not want them on a bus to Roxbury.

From where we are in Washington, the bus ride would be very long for a little one.

People came and knocked on our door from all three towns, we received a lot of literature from both sides, and it overall it was voted down.

Then came the lawsuit from Bridgewater.

This all seemed to be put to rest. The state Supreme Court ruled in Bridgewater's favor.

Everyone has an elementary school. In order to consolidate, an amendment has to be agreed to within the regional plan.

Here we go again.

Region 12 came to be in 1967 by a "yes" vote from all three towns.

If consolidation of the elementary schools will or will not happen, this also will be decided from a vote of all three towns.

Whatever the next steps are will be decided from all three towns. Those of us who are in the process of trying to figure out what the future may hold for our children with in the schools already know the answer to the referendum.

The writing is on the walls. Shrinking schools and population is a growing problem through out the area.

Everyone is watching.

Region 1, Region 14, as well as New Milford, are all looking for similar answers.

Please keep this in mind as you continue reporting on the outcomes of our region.

Please respect the residents of all three towns and how difficult this really is without pitting "town against town, neighbor against neighbor, friend against friend."

Carolyn Hyde