To the Editor:

Each of us has the opportunity to vote for the right person for each elected office.

How we decide who is right and who is wrong is based on many factors such as political party, service, and whether an individual will serve in office to achieve goals we share.

One such person is Hilary Ram, who is the right candidate for Connecticut General Assembly, District 67.

She is a positive contrast to the incumbent, Bill Buckbee.

Although he is a natural to portray Santa Claus at Christmas, he plays the opposite role in Hartford.

State Representative Buckbee serves his party rather than his constituents by voting against raising the minimum wage and against helping home health care workers earn a decent living.

Hilary Ram wants to help New Milford voters achieve their goals. She supports strengthening the economy and business development and retention, as well as technical and community college programs.

Her votes will be for the people, not party. She wants to do more to protect the environment and to end gun violence. She will do whatever a state representative can to care for seniors and veterans.

Each of us should help Hilary Ram become our representative for District 67 in the Connecticut General Assembly.

Michael Anastas

New Milford