To the Editor:

A special meeting on the possible closing of John Pettibone School will be held Tuesday, May 27 at 7 p.m. at Sarah Noble School.

I urge all residents to attend, regardless whether you have children who attend Pettibone.

This decision will affect everyone.

For those with school-aged children, I believe this would mean a drastic change to the learning environment at such a tender age, including hour long-plus bus rides each way; crowded classrooms; decreased staffing, resulting in less individualized attention; lack of space for art and music, which may be taught from a cart; and the elimination of the neighborhood school environment.

For those without school-aged children, your silence is not saving money.

While the Board of Education alleges enrollment is down, what happens when enrollment increases and Pettibone isn't there?

Why won't the board close the 80-plus year old Lillis building and merge its offices into Pettibone or Sarah Noble?

The Lillis building would make a great residential condo/co-op.

Do you really support the elimination of a school so we could have another box store in town?

Don't sell our kids out. Attend the meeting and demand a referendum.

Michelle M. Liguori, Esq.

New Milford