To The Editor:

Before voting for Linda McMahon, watch her job creating the television program, World Wrestling Entertainment, Mondays at 8.

Definitely not for the whole family, although there were children in the audience. Some words used to describe it -- necrophilia, pyromania, bestiality.

Wonder why the world is so violent?

Linda doesn't know much about the government. She accuses Chris Murphy of low attendance at informational meetings but there are plenty of ways to get information.

His voting record is 97 percent during six years in Congress.

Does Linda have a platform other than Chris bashing?

Or is she just trying to get out of paying tax on all those millions and continue Bush's trickle down theory?

Bush lowered taxes for eight years while fighting two unfunded wars and sponsoring a huge unfunded prescription bill.

Clinton left him a budget surplus.

Obama inherited an ongoing disaster that will take time to cure.

Diana Hardee