To the Editor:

I would like to start this letter by saying thank you to those who voted for me during the last four local elections.

Serving on the Town Council for the past eight years was a responsibility I took very seriously.

I am not running this year because I have become more involved with several committees at the Connecticut State Dental Association.

Yet, I am still very interested in the people who will represent all of us on the Town Council.

The makeup of the Town Council has been six Republicans and three Democrats for six of the last eight years.

From my experience, the town would be better served with a council that had a better balance between political parties. This would lead to more debate, discussion and compromise. Too often votes were taken with little open discussion.

Therefore, I would ask the residents of New Milford to cast their votes for the Democrats running for Town Council.

Andy Grossman is on the Economic Development Commission and is a communications expert.

Mary Jane Lundgren has 10 years' experience on the Town Council and is a spokesperson for the elderly.

Frank Wargo has experience on the Town Council and the Board of Finance, along with his charity work with Rotary Club.

Walter Bayer has experience on the Town Council as well as other committees.

John Lillis has experience on the Town Council.

These leaders would bring a wealth of knowledge and understanding to the Town Council

Dr. Peter Mullen

New Milford