To the Editor:

Revitalizing Main Street and maintaining its New England look and character are important issues that I often hear discussed by New Milford residents.

I support Cecilia Buck-Taylor for state representative because she has demonstrated a commitment to those goals and ideals by putting her money where her mouth is.

She used her own funds to restore the historic building on Bennitt Street, built in the 1880s, located at the top of the New Milford Village Green.

The restored and revitalized building is home to her law office, adding another thriving business to the Main Street area and economy. The New Milford Trust for Historic Preservation rewarded her efforts and investment in the community by presenting her and her husband with an annual preservation award in 2011.

Too often in Hartford, our elected officials pass legislation without regard for the cost, which has led to increased debt and unfunded pensions.

Cecilia Buck-Taylor knows how to run a successful business, which I know first-hand, having worked with her for two years.

She has been through the budget process in New Milford, being on the Town Council and, before that, on the Board of Education.

We need a state representative who is fiscally responsible yet is willing to invest in areas that are important to our residents.

Actions are louder than words, and her personal investment in New Milford shows her commitment to the New Milford community and economy.

Paul Whitty

New Milford