To the Editor:

I am a firm believer in people being able, especially on weekends and holidays, to park cars and enjoy a movie, shopping, eating an ice cream, enjoying a leisurely lunch, watching their children play on our beautiful Green, or browsing through our library or farmers market -- without worrying about the three-hour limit on parking.

In most of our parking lots, the signs read "7 a.m. to 6 p.m. -- 3 hour parking."

Why can't that apply only to Mondays through Fridays, and leave the weekends open so folks can enjoy our town?

The other weekend, I witnessed a man, in an almost empty parking lot, remove a ticket from his windshield. I wondered to myself, when will he be back to shop here when he can go to Route 7 or the Danbury mall?

I'm surprised the restaurant owners and shop keepers aren't up in arms about these parking restrictions. I thought our town wanted to attract people to the downtown.

I hope the town will reconsider these restrictions, as I'd hate New Milford to become a ghost town on weekends.

Philip Moschitta

New Milford