NEW MILFORD — The sale of the historic John Glover Noble House has hit a snag because the owners never made the necessary improvements when they received a special permit nearly a decade ago to convert the building into an antique shop.

Asrar and Amina Ahmed, who bought the Danbury Road property in 2005, received a special permit the following year to convert the building for commercial use. The couple has since closed the shop due to financial reasons and now wants to sell the building to an antique dealer, Justin Krul, who owns Just In Antiques.

However, the couple never made the improvements required when the special permit application was approved and the site plan approval has expired.

Amina Ahmed’s brother, Abbas Anjri, pleaded with the Zoning Commission Tuesday to help make it possible to sell the building, which has been designated as being in the Town Landmark District zone.

“We did a lot of hard work for seven years on the building,” Anjri said. “It was almost falling apart when my sister bought it. We went to the Historical Society to assure the restoration was authentic. We only actually used 850 square feet in the building for retail.”

The 3,830-square-foot Georgian-style brick house was built in 1780. It is listed on the National Registry of Historic Places. It was a wedding gift to the descendents of the John Noble family, the settlers who founded New Milford. Anjri wants to assure the building remains well maintained and does not fall into disrepair.

Bill Taylor, chairman of the Zoning Commission, said he is unsure of the legal standing of the property and has requested advice from the commission’s attorney, Randy DiBella.

“Parking is inadequate at this time if the first and second floor of the building are going to be used for retail sales,” Taylor said. “If it’s going to be sold, it can’t be sold as is. By state statute, we can’t override our own regulations and the approved site plan was never completed. Declaring the property as lying in a Town Landmark District was a legal act. We need to get Randy’s input.”

It’s uncertain if a review committee needs to be assembled with members from the New Milford Historical Society and New Milford Trust for Historic Preservation before the Zoning Commission could move forward with a new special permit application. Another question is whether the new owner should present the application.; 203-731-3352