A young man, described by witnesses as being in his early 20s, was hit in the face by a gas pump June 3 at The Roxbury Market & Delicatessen after a landscaping truck had smashed into the pump, knocking it over on him and his Ford pickup truck.

State police did not reveal the name of the victim, who was treated and released.

Volunteer firefighters were quickly on the scene at The Roxbury Market & Delicatessen, across Route 67 from the town hall and the fire station.

Fabian Majei and Louis Salinas of RRR Landscaping had pulled up to the market and parked the landscaping truck at about noon. They went into the market to buy lunch, Mr. Majei said.

Then the two men sat in the shade to eat lunch, he said.

"I was sitting over there at the picnic table eating my lunch," Mr. Majei recounted. "Louis had gone back inside to get some water, when I see the truck rolling. I yelled, `someone is in the truck.' But no one was."

"I ran and pulled the (truck) door open and got it stopped, but it was too late," he explained. "It hit the pump."

By 1:30 p.m., the north side of the parking lot to the market was closed off. The pump had been righted at a slight angle with three planks supporting it. Three Roxbury firefighters on the scene had secured the planks, slightly lifting the pump.

They then moved the late-model, blue Ford pickup it had been resting on.

Fire marshal Jim Pierport said the state DEP would not be called to the scene for toxic cleanup as there was no gasoline spill when the pump toppled into the pickup. A "spill-stop valve" in the pump had worked, he said.

Mr. Salinas, who had parked the Ford landscaping truck with trailer attached, said he had secured the parking brake on exiting the truck and did not know how the truck could have started rolling.

He was issued a motor vehicle violation for failure to secure a parking brake, as was RRR landscaping.