Classical music composer and pianist Sharon Ruchman, of Washington, has announced her recent departure from traditional classical music with the October release of her sixth CD of original music, "A Bit of Tango and More ..."

The newly released CD features 13 tracks of Ruchman's original music, which includes two tangos, "Slow Tango" and "Milonga."

An accomplished

and prolific classical

music composer, Ruchman has gained international recognition, as

her music is aired on classical radio stations around the globe.

In her original piano solo composition "Slow Tango," Ruchman said that she wanted "to capture a couple dancing closely with great feeling and attention to their every movement, and to each other. The piece is melodic and emotional."

In her "Milonga" tango, Ruchman performs on piano and is accompanied by renowned cellist Mary Costanza.

To highlight the composition, Ruchman produced a YouTube video featuring famous Argentinian tango dancer and instructor Alex Krebs and dance partner Jenna Rohrbacher.

Inspiration for Ruchman's two original tango pieces was her grandmother.

The CD features 11 additional original compositions including track 1, Trio for Violin, Cello and Piano in G Minor, which is performed by Ruchman on piano, cellist Mary Costanza and violinist Kiwon Nahm. "Frolicking," Piano Sonato in A Flat Major and "Mystere" are all original solo piano pieces written and performed by Ruchman.

Sonata for Cello and Piano in D Major features Ruchman on piano and Costanza on cello.

Intervals of Ruchman's newest compositions on the CD can be heard and purchased on her website,, and links to her YouTube and iTunes sites are posted on each page of her site.

Ruchman's music and videos are available on Her tango videos can be viewed at and

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