Roxbury library board plans for Strategic Plan

Recognizing libraries’ need to change in response to huge technological and cultural developments, the Roxbury Public Library Board of Trustees has embarked on creating a Strategic Plan that will help set the course for the town’s libraries for the next three years.

Town residents are asked to participate in a variety of ways to help develop the plan.

Surveys, focus groups, and informal conversations will all be encouraged.

The plan will include the development of a vision that includes both the Minor Memorial Library and the Hodge Memorial Library.

Maxine Bleiweis, an award-winning former director of the Westport Public Library who now consults in library innovation, design, and strategic planning, will help the board lead the process through conversations with an advisory council made up of community members.

In order to ensure that all of Roxbury’s residents’ needs are considered, the Board of the Roxbury Library will send a survey to Roxbury residents.

Working with Bleiweis, they will also work with focus groups made up of residents of Roxbury which will include both users and non-users of the Roxbury libraries.

As communities have been transformed by demographic, technological, and economic factors, the role of libraries as social, cultural and educational hubs for their communities have changed as well.

The Board of Trustees of the Roxbury Public Library is committed to making Roxbury’s libraries responsive to the needs of all its citizens.

Roxbury, which was settled in the 17th century by English immigrants, has seen significant change over the centuries as industries and populations have come and gone.

The town continues to change and develop, and the Roxbury Library is committed to serving the community by keeping pace with those changes.

Anyone interested in participating or wish to share your thoughts on the role libraries play in the community should call 860-350-2181 or visit the website at