The Roxbury Assessor’s Office has listed property tax exemptions and 490 classification.

To receive a $3,000 assessment exemption for blindness, a certification of blindness must be obtained from the State of Connecticut, Department of Human Resources, Board of Education and Services for the Blind.

The certificate should be filed with the assessor’s office by Oct. 1.

To receive a $1,000 assessment exemption for totally disabled taxpayers, proof of permanent total disability from the Social Security Administration should be presented to the assessor, along with a signed application Form D-1 (available in the assessor’s office) by Oct. 1.

To be eligible for the veterans exemption, a veteran must have served within the eligible dates provided by State Statute and must file an Honorable Discharge (form DD-214) with the town clerk before Oct. 1.

Owners wishing to classify land as Farm Land, Forest Land or Open Space should contact the assessor’s office for details and applications.

The filing period is Sept. 1 through Oct. 31.