Roxburians can recycle #5 plastics

Roxbury residents may now recycle No. 5 plastics through a new initiative, the "Gimme 5" program.

Roxbury's Energy Task Force has implemented the program at the town transfer station as a way to increase recycling efficiency.

The project is established through Preserve, a company that creates products out of post-consumer No. 5 plastics.

Although Roxbury currently accepts No. 1 and No. 2 plastics in its co-mingle recycling system, #5 plastics -- those free from food and waste residue -- will be collected separately to avoid contamination.

Residents are encouraged to separate their No. 5 containers from other recyclables and drop them in the blue recycling receptacle designated for these plastics.

The No. 5 program is also a community service opportunity for residents and local high school students.

Residents or individuals interested in volunteering or who would like more information on "Gimme 5," contact Alexandra Gross at