Robotics And Beyond in New Milford has added a special summer academy week to its STEM camp lineup for 2019.

STEM refers to science, technology, engineering and mathematics. The STEM camps provide an in-depth introduction to a broad array of science and technology-related topics for students ranging from elementary school to high school. The summer academy is for experienced students.

The Summer Engineering, Technology and Design Academy for ages 13-18 came out of the need for a more focused option for advanced students. Instead of general projects, the academy offers individual topics at advanced levels. RAB is partnering with The Hobby Hangout, the radio control hobby facility, for the drone and robot classes; Education Without Walls is hosting the computer-based Academy classes, including 3-D modeling and printing, circuit design and fabrication, game design, and Java, as well as an Open Studio option.

The Academy will be held the week of July 29.

For information on all camps, visit the Robotics And Beyond at Questions may be addressed to or by calling 860-717-4319.