Robotics group to get 3D printer

Robotics And Beyond in New Milford has received the the gift of a 3D printer from Sharon Hospital.

"The funds to purchase a 3D printer will add a unique aspect to our technology programs for students in elementary through high school and college," said Paul Chayka, director of the nonprofit organization.

"3D printing is a great example of advanced technology that impacts daily life in a positive way," Chayka said. "The future of 3D printing in new product development, manufacturing and medicine has been the focus of many articles in print and online."

The involvement of Sharon Hospital is relevant since 3D printers have successfully contributed to medical science in previously unexpected ways, most notably the fabrication of prosthetic limbs.

The addition of the printer will create a new area of interest among K-12 students and adults alike, adding new options to Robotics' activities and career interests related to science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) and design.

"At Sharon Hospital, we support programs that enhance and enrich learning in areas such as STEM," said Kim Lumia, president and CEO of Sharon Hospital. "The future depends heavily on the advances in these core subjects and we are proud to assist in the education of our future leaders, physicians and teachers."

For more about Robotics And Beyond, visit its office at 30 Bridge St. or or call 860-799-5200.