Robotics And Beyond in New Milford has been awarded a grant of $6,115 from the Connecticut Community Foundation.

The New Milford-based STEM education nonprofit will use the funds to enable the organization to develop materials that will describe its mission, programs, the impact on students, and needs.

The grant will also be used to take advantage of any training opportunities.

The goal is to attract additional funding and build the board of directors and volunteer staff so the group can reach more students and provide them with courses and programs of even greater depth.

Executive director Paul Chayka notes that this is all part of a larger effort to raise awareness of R&B’s mission and programs.

“In order to meet the growing demand for our programs, we need to significantly increase our capacity, while maintaining the high quality of programs that parents and students have come to expect,” he said.

The grant is part of the Foundation’s Nonprofit Excellence program.

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