Road work and repaving is right on schedule, New Milford Public Works Director Mike Zarba said Monday.

A town meeting Monday authorized the purchase of a 2,954-square-foot portion of Liberty Hill in Gaylordsville from property owner Cortney Reed to be used for repairs to a section of Riverview Road.

That road has had bank collapse causing one lane of the road to be closed off at this time.

Mr. Zarba said the project would go out to bid before the end of August and repairs should begin in September.

A first supplement agreement between the state and the town was authorized Monday by the Town Council, allowing for a release of funds through the American Recovery an Reinvestment Act for the repaving of the southern portion of Grove Street between Anderson Road and the Charles March Bridge at Lover's Leap.

That repaving should be done by Labor Day, Mr. Zarba said.

He added repaving will also be done on Boardman Road and the platform of Boardman Bridge by that time.

-- Susan Tuz