To the Editor:

This November, there will be a mayoral election for the town of New Milford.

Democratic candidate Tom O’Brien is the man who can bring out the best in this community by asking for community input which benefits all people.

Last year, I worked for Tom as a volunteer. The experience was rewarding to talk to the people who are voting.

Voting, to me, is the greatest right we have in the United States.

Tom can help bring change where it is needed.

For too long, the growing Hispanic community has been, in my opinion, ignored. For example, we did not have bilingual people to help volunteer with Tom’s campaign for state representative last fall.

I’d like to see that change.

Speaking a foreign tongue is important to me because I grew up speaking another language and can understand two more languages. I can visit my family and friends in three countries.

Being bilingual has become more of a need in our national election.

Bilingual translators are needed to reach out to the Hispanic community. Those who would like to get involved in Tom’s campaign can email

As a retired educator, I have talked with Tom about the importance of getting a good solid foundation by seeking out the best candidates to be in the classroom, giving teachers a more decent salary, so that the children will be able to compete in today’s world of our never-ending changes in technology.

Through education we learn to make better choices for ourselves, and move upward in society for the good of the town of New Milford.

George Ogno

New Milford