The Kent Historical Society will present its next Sunday series program -- a screening of "Resolved to Be Free" -- Jan. 20 at 2 p.m.

The film will be screened at town hall on Kent Green Boulevard.

Filmed on sites of early battles with the British, the film highlights the immediate response of our Colony's fighting men to hostilities in Lexington and Concord, including Israel Putnam, Ethan Allan and the early role of Benedict Arnold.

The famous Battle of New London is portrayed by militia re-enactors, including members of the Medad Hills Muzzle Loaders.

Another highlight of the film is the recreation of the Battle of Fort Griswell which culminated in the burning of Groton and New London.

In addition to re-enactments, the film uses paintings of battle scenes and portraits of influential men such as Oliver Wolcott and Roger Sherman. Following the 29-minute film, Roger Gonzales, a former member of the Medad Mills Muzzle Loaders and an expert on the history of muskets, will discuss their use from before the French and Indian Wars through the War of 1812.

The film was produced by the American Revolution Bicentennial Commission.