New Milford businesswoman Bonni Manning is looking to reunite a wedding band with its owner.

In December, Manning mailed a gift to a friend, Joann Volinski, in San Francisco.

To cushion the contents for mailing, Manning stuffed the box with Stop & Shop plastic grocery bags she had handy for recycling.

Upon opening the gift, Volinski, who grew up in New Milford, pulled out the plastic bags and shook them out so she could reuse them.

Out fell a man’s gold wedding band.

Volinski immediately called Manning and asked if her husband, Wayne, had lost his ring.

He held up his hand, his wedding ring in place.

Hoping to reunite the ring with its owner, Volinski emailed Manning a photograph of the ring, and the photo was posted on Manning’s Facebook page.

Manning received many calls about the ring, but no one correctly identified the inscription.

“Someone lost their wedding ring. I would love to return it to them,” Manning said.

The ring traveled from California back to Connecticut in January with Manning, who paid a visit to Volinski.

“It’s ironic that the ring has already traveled 6,000 miles and now it’s back in New Milford and no one has claimed it,” Manning said.

Manning does not know how long she had the grocery bags in her possession, as she collects them for reuse.

She also noted that her work as a caterer takes her all over the Tri-State Area, so it’s possible she may have made a purchase at a Stop & Shop outside of New Milford and brought the bag back home with her.

“I hope there’s a good ending to this,” Manning said.

Anyone who can help reunite the ring to its owner should email