Republican Clark Chapin won a sixth two-year term as 67th District state representative to the General Assembly in Hartford in Tuesday's election.

State Rep. Chapin, a popular New Milford native, easily defeated the Green Party's Nicholas Payne, 5,349-1,366, to earn the right to continue to represent his hometown in the state capital.

"I'm thrilled and will take the issues raised by Mr. Payne with me when I return to Hartford," Rep. Chapin said, referring to his opponent, Green Party candidate Nicholas Payne. "They are issues that deserve further discussion."

Rep. Chapin, 48, campaigned on a platform of solving the state's financial crisis through cost-cutting measures that include limiting the pay and benefits of non-union employees and legislators and eliminating redundancies in state departments.

Rep. Chapin said he would support raising taxes only as a last resort.

Mr. Payne, 61, ran on a platform of drug and prison policy reform, spurred by the unsolved shooting of his 22-year-old daughter, Rebecca Payne, two years ago in Boston.

Mr. Payne was philosophical in defeat, saying he took heart in the fact that "I raised a lot of issues no one else was talking about -- issues many people were interested in. I brought those issue to light."

Mr. Payne called for the legalization of marijuana. He proposed rehabilitation for drug addicts and empowering the police to target drug dealers who sell in schools and on playgrounds.

He said he believes these measures could substantially trim Connecticut's billion-dollar corrections budget and help reduce violence.